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You can choose between your favourite books and now you can order them online.

Book authors are kindly reminded that: it is best for books brought for distribution to the AUT university bookstore, to have the selling price, ISBN and Barcode set on the cover.

Furthermore, the books must be new and in accordance with the indicators and specifications on book format.

Customers are kindly reminded that: the AUT University bookstore does not collect used books nor distributes them.

The bookstore strictly respects any rule or/and law related to copyright.

The bookstore holds 10% of the price set on the cover of the book as a fee for the advertising service, maintenance and distribution of books from book authors of Agricultural University of Tirana and from other book authors who publish in these areas.

The bookstore staff is open to any new idea and cooperation with the authors in order to improve teamwork, by keeping up with the rules and standards that are available for bookstores in general.

AUT University Bookstore is a service entity that performs its activities in full compliance with the image and rules of the Agricultural University of Tirana, where it operates.

AUT University Bookstore

Welcome to AUT University Bookstore. Dear visitors (students, professors, and others interested):

  • We are grateful and thank you dear students for visiting us. We assure you that AUT university bookstore provides you with the best service, including online service.
  • We thank you, dear professors, (authors of texts and not only), for your contribution and we assure you that we will be resilient in promoting, maintaining and distributing the texts correctly and professionally, trying to be more and more an attractive point for students, You (publisher), but also for all others interested.
  • We thank you other guests (not mentioned above) for visiting us and assure you that in AUT university bookstore you will find everything you need for your interests related to business.

Addressing back you, dear visitors, we would like to bring to your attention that when we mention the word “university text”, the mind immediately goes to us:

  • “The Magic” that fills the mind with knowledge, enchants the heart and soul of everyone, makes us contemporaries, but above all, powerful interlocutors with all the great minds of humanity, who have done everything to change man, life, society and everything else on earth for the better.
  • The existence and continuity of life, to find the key of solving problems related to quality of life and extending it and above all, what each and all together can do to use, but also protect nature in the most the best possible.

AUT University Bookstore